Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mexican Night

It has been a hot and balmy week in the Lagoon. The trade winds have died and boats have been swinging limply on their anchors. At night a beautiful golden moon has been shone across the bay. It has been another crazy week of running here and there. Sim has been busy on other peoples’ boats fixing auto-helms and servicing engines all while trying to put our boat back together after the varnishing I have done. Wednesday we stopped in at the boulangerie on the French side, taking advantage of their free wifi and foot long pain aux chocolates! That evening we joined the cruisers get together at Barnacles to catch up with our friends for a beer

After all the indulgences of the day before, on Thursday we decided to get some exercise so climbed to the top of Fort Louis to the north of Marigot Bay on the French side. This took us all of 10 minutes and left us out of breath and dripping in sweat!! The views were fantastic, but now we desperately needed to cool off and so trudged our way back down to Marigot where stopped off outside the lagoon for a dip in the bay.

The week raced by and Friday arrived. Being Good Friday, almost everything is closed. Except of course for Lagoonies, where we all meet up on a Friday night. This is Open Mic night where people bring along their instruments and we listen to live music. It was a lively night where the whole bar was singing and people where dancing before eventually being kicked out!! The party moved on to Stingos’ boat where we carried on the music and singing until 2am!! Yes another late night for us!! Unbelievable, but practice does make perfect!

Last Saturday we had a rum punch party on “Irie”. This Saturday we had a Mexican night on “Mojomo” which loosely translates into a tequila night. Although most of us were feeling jaded from the night before, we gathered on “Mojomo” a huge, beautiful catamaran; the perfect place for another get together. We are a multi national group, 6 of us are British including “Imagine of Falmouth” and “Mojomo”. We also have an American, a Canadian, a Belgian, a German, a South African and a New Zealander. Ages vary from 27 – 60 plus. But all this is pretty irrelevant out here where anything goes. The food was fab with chilli con carne and fajitas and burritos, oh, and of course Tequila. I think we have all mastered the art of making a fine Margarita now. Liz from “Gudrun” made delicious cinnamon rolls for dessert. By the end of the evening we were liquored up and pigged out. And then Jenga was bought out! Try playing that on a moving boat!

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