Monday, May 2, 2011

The Wedding and other weddings

After all the craziness of Mexican night last Saturday, I was looking forward to a quiet night in on Sunday. But at 6 ‘o’ clock just as we were lifting the dinghy out of the water for the night, John from “Stingo” dinghied over and told us of a beach party with live music and a bar. Quietly confident that Sim would decide to stay in, especially with the lure of beef tenderloin in the fridge, I told him to make the decision to go out or not. More fool me, as he decided to go out! The dinghy goes back in the water, a quick scramble to change into something decent and 10 minutes later we are strolling down the beach watching the last glimmer of sun disappear below the horizon. Soon enough we can hear the rhythms of music from the other end of the beach. We bring our own beer and plonk ourselves down. The usual crowd joins us and we have a chilled evening chatting and listening to the music on the beach. Monday night we were definitely staying in!!

And stay in we needed to for while the rest of Britain is celebrating the Royal wedding we have another wedding to celebrate ourselves at the end of the week, Mark and Liesbet on “Irie” are tying the nautical knot. But first we need to have the Stag and Hen parties (bachelor and bachelorette) on Wednesday night. We meet at the yacht club with the crews of “Irie”, “Imagine”, “Gudrun”, “Mojomo”, “Stingo” and ourselves. The girls and boys separate and whisk the respective partners away for their night out. While I would like to divulge where we went and what we did, I can only say that we had a great evening and managed to arrive at the agreed time to La Bamba, to meet up with the boys (so that we could all get home easily). La Bamba is one of those great little open air bars with a corrugated roof, picnic bench tables and sandy floor with a small dance area. We carried on partying until the small hours, the bar had shut and we were the only people left.

After a couple of quiet days on board and a trip aloft (up the mast) to inspect the rigging, Saturday arrived. The wedding wasn’t until 5.15pm but “Imagine”, “Gudrun” and ourselves had arrived early to the villa to help set up at the beach for the ceremony and guard the rum punch until the party arrived. I was Liesbets’ bridesmaid and helped her get ready which took all of 5 minutes including time to take a shower!! The Speediest bride I have ever met. But Liesbet looked lovely and the ceremony on the beach was beautiful. We had laughter and tears. The rings were blessed in the sea and Woody a friend of ours who couldn’t be there had written a song that was played during the ceremony. After photos by professional photographer Axel, we moved back to the villa and started the festivities, which mainly involved a lot of eating, especially on my part, but I guess there is no surprise there. The food was scrummy and excessive amounts of alcohol had been laid on. Luckily for me I am either an eater or a drinker but rarely ever both. Tonight I was an eater. The dinner tables were cleared away and a dance floor was created….. right next to the pool. The inevitable happened when Denise and Matt from “Mojomo” danced their way into the water. The whole evening was a success and Mark and Liesbet where very generous sharing their evening with us in such a sumptuous manner. The next day Axel and Liz picked us up again with Jon and Sam so we could have a relaxing afternoon hanging out by the pool at Mark and Liesbets villa and help eat all the left over food.

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in St Maarten, not that that really makes a difference to us, as most of the time we barely know what day it is. But all the shops are shut. We are now looking for a weather window to leave St Maarten and head back to Antigua to meet Sims mum at the end of May. This coming Thursday is looking good so we have a lot of running around to do to buy all the last minute marine spars at great duty free prices, provisioning for the coming week and saying goodbye to all our friends.

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  1. What a great w/e and wedding. Sorry to see you go but we will be following you as soon as we get our rigging fixed.

    Jon & Sam
    s/y Imagine of Falmouth