Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to Reality

Another fantastic whirlwind of a visit to the UK is finally over. After a bumpy start with flights being delayed and a stay in a hotel in Tobago I arrived in the UK 12 hours late. It was wonderful to see my mum and dad and sisters again and to stay in the family home. Mum and Dad have worked so hard on their house and garden. Their garden is simply beautiful and full of so many colourful, blossoming plants and flowers. I enjoyed staying with them so much. I had a fabulous weekend in Bristol with Kristin and Ross and despite being slightly jaded from my first night with them, we managed to take in a few sights like the Bristol Channel and Portishead, where we had a refreshing walk in the brisk Bristol wind which blew away all the cobwebs and left the nose streaming! Watching the hardcore sailors in their oilys brave the cold Bristol Sea reconfirmed my suspicions that I am in the loosest sense of the word only a fair weather sailor.

But for the time being I was enjoying the benefits of masquerading as a landlubber and it was back to London where I became number 3 child in the to-be De Croos-Jones household. Jilly whisked me of to toddler groups and a brief meet with my old boss Neil at Churchills Lettings. Jilly and Loic had organized it well, so that their wedding and the Christening of Luca and Mya were taking place within a week of each other. I was honoured to be one of the four God parents assigned to Luca and Mya and privileged to be a bridesmaid at Jill and Loics wedding. They had a beautiful ceremony and the party afterwards at The Mitre Hotel over looking Hampton Court Palace was just awesome and it was fantastic to see so many old friends and familiar faces. They couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

In between all this I hung out with my family, meeting Jen for dinner one night and having fabulous family night at the theatre to see Billy Elliot another. Kristin had a BBQ at her mums while she was up in the Molesey Massive and while a heat wave blessed us with its presence Jilly organized a picnic in Bushy Park. I got to see my old friend If anyone can Fiona McCann at her new pub The Bishops Finger in The City where she is doing an amazing job of running her business with the iron clad fist of Peggy Butcher. I had a lovely meeting with Meg and Giles, Sims mum and brother in Earls Court for a catch up and a delicious Greek lunch.

Now it’s all over and I am back sitting on my boat, it’s all becoming a distant memory. And although I had a wonderful time and miss my friends and family dearly, Sim, cat, sun, sea, sweat and rain are my happy reality now.

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