Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday Liesbet, Susan and I took part in a “Hash”. The Grenada Hash House Harriers are a group of people that meet once a week to take part in a run or walk depending on your abilities in different parts of Grenada. It’s a great way to get to see the island. The hike takes you through forest and rivers, mud and streams, hills and bush trails that are all marked by white bits of paper that you follow to lead you back to a drinking establishment. The Hash house harriers are a world wide organization originating in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur where a small group of British ex pats wanted to find an energetic exercise that wouldn’t interfere with their drinking routine. Today 110 countries and territories around the world are involved and every two years an international hash is held where up to 2000 people take part. They are self proclaimed walkers with a drinking problem so the hash is always set around a suitable venue, namely a rumshop! Liesbet and I were Hash virgins. It seems a big deal is made of being a virgin and the rest of the group is always very proud to break you in!

The bus picked us up from the Tikki Bar in Prickly Bay and took us to Mount Airy on Grenada’s west coast. Other busses and cars arrived and the cricket club where this week’s event was being held filled out. At 4pm the hash master starts the event welcoming everyone and addresses the virgins so they know what to expect. Anyone with new trainers or sneakers gets them broken in by having to drink beer out of them!

Then the hash beginners – the runners take off first and Liesbet and I with Susan running after us asking “what is the hurry” take of with them; only to realize that we have put ourselves in a group with more energetic abilities. Quickly people overtake as we traipse through the muddy and over grown trail. Vines catch our feet and mud has us falling here and their. We lose Susan in the rush and slowly but surely as old people and mothers carrying babies overtake us we find ourselves at a more comfortable pace at the back of the group. Shouts of “Are You” meaning are you on the trail or taken a false route or “On On” meaning you are on the right path, can be heard near and far. We walk across small rivers and streams, slid down mud banks on our bums and climb precariously steep muddy hills. The sweat is pouring from us and we are covered in mud and scratches. Our faces are bright red from the exertion but it’s wonderful to be walking through the shaded forest or crossing streams and passing through local land with fabulous panoramic vistas. We snap our cameras taking everything in. Two hours and several (small) hills later as I am starting to wonder if I can take any more, the finish comes into sight. Susan is there waiting for us having finish half an hour earlier. We buy local ice-cream, beer and then tuck into yet another Oildown for dinner! It’s getting dark now and there is a somber atmosphere as an 8 year child hasn’t made it back. Normally a party is held but nothing much is really happening tonight. We finish our beers, collect our “loss of virginity” certificates and gather a group for the bus ride home. We sneak into the showers at the Tikki Bar and then head over to De Big Fish to meet the boys, who say they will consider coming with us next week!


  1. It was a lot of fun! Great blog, Rosie.

    By the way, the young boy was found - healthy and well - last night.

  2. Well done girls!