Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Parents in Prickly Bay

Mum and Dad arrived at the lovely cottages in Lance Aux Pines in Prickly Bay. They could look out of their window and see our boat and we could swim to the beach to meet them. The grounds are lush and tropical with leafy palm trees shading the hammock and huge old Almond trees shading the loungers. For the most part M & D were happy chilling on the beach and swimming in the sea. For a days outing we decided to take the boat around to Moliniere Point on Grenada’s southwest coast. We stowed everything away and made sure Alianna was shipshape and ready to go to sea. Despite the short trip, and although only being a couple of miles off shore, it is always prudent to be prepared as we have learnt from past experiences where short choppy seas can have jerry jugs and all sorts flying dangerously across deck.

We picked the parents up at 8am and delivered them to the boat. Once we were sure they were safe and secure we heaved ho on the anchor and got underway. We had a lovely sail around to the south side island and a few miles up the west coast of Grenada to the south side of the sculpture park where we successfully picked up one of the available moorings while under sail. No small feat for the Alianna crew.

The friendly park wardens collected our fees and we were free to see the park. Although we have visited a few times before, it is always interesting, trying to locate the different pieces of art or just looking at all the colourful fish darting around. The sculpture, Jason Taylors aim is to provide an environment for marine life to grow and to provide an alternative for water activities that elsewhere are damaging to the fragile coral reefs. They are set far enough apart that they are never crowded and we have never managed to find them all. Its eerie feeling to swim around the statues of Grace reef where the life like forms lay on the seabed “fallen from Grace”. The circle of children standing holding hands is called “vicissitudes” and represents their lives as the reef changes with marine growth and erodes with ocean currents. We all enjoyed the snorkel very much and returned back to the boat just in time for an impressive thunderstorm to pass by.

The rest of the week whirled by. Sim and I have been enjoying the fresh water showers and the use of electricity and wifi. We even bought ice cream to put in the freezer and had ice in our drinks! What a treat. Friday night we took Mum and Dad to the Tiki bar to see the steel band play and have pizza. Then on Saturday we spent the day at the Aquarium restaurant having a delicious lunch and after relaxing and snorkeling by the beautiful beach that it opens onto. Life has been pretty tough.

Now we get ready to say goodbye as they leave tomorrow. We will go out for one last meal tonight at De Big Fish with live music and buckets of beer. We will make sure that Mum and Dad leave in style! (probably hungover!)

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  1. I guess we better come and "replace" your mum and dad soon, so you can keep drinking in style! :-)