Thursday, October 27, 2011

You say goodbye, I say hello, hello hello

The one thing about cruising and living in foreign countries and especially about living on a boat is no matter what you do or where you go, you are always going to be saying goodbyes and hellos. Theses last few weeks have been full of them. It has been “hello” Mum and Dad, then “goodbye Mum and Dad. It has been a final “goodbye” to my Nana back at home who passed away and now it is “goodbye” to our good cruising friends Mark and Liesbet on “Irie” who have headed west and off to pastures new. We have spent the last 2 and half seasons sailing with them on and off, arranging to meet at various times and places in different islands along there way. They have been good friends and while I look over at the spot where they are no longer anchored my heart feels heavy and sad. This last year they have hugely influenced where we have visited and shaped our time in the islands. Inevitably the very nature of living on a boat has people moving on and traveling in different directions. And so as one door closes, I hope another opens. I have no doubt that we will see the Irie’s again and I hope they have some wonderful adventures along the way in their new journey. In the mean time life goes on. We look forward to seeing our good friends Sam and Jon on “Imagine” soon, who have just arrived back from a 3 month stint away.

As Sim and I walk this morning to a boat Sim is helping out on in the next bay along I can’t help but marvel at the shear beauty of Grenada, which although I have seen a hundred times before, still keeps me in awe. Trees with huge thorns on, butterflies that flurry on colourful flowers and plants, crested hummingbirds that flutter about and brilliant purple water lilies blooming in an abandoned pond. These things lift my heart and put a smile on my face. The world is such a beautiful place and although I am feeling sad from all the “goodbyes” I am looking forward to all the “hellos”.

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