Monday, November 28, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

One of the sacrifices I have made living on a boat is that I no longer go to the hair dressers. I have never been known for my fabulous hair do's and I have learnt to live without a hair dryer and straightening tongs. So to trim those sun fried and frizzled ends or for when we are looking a little too shaggy, Alianna turns into a mobile hairdressers. I cut Sims hair with the clippers (not as often as I would like though!). And along the way I have met cruisers who were hairdressers and cut my hair or I get a friend to do it. But if all else fails then I resort to a visit with Simone. Simone is the type of hairdresser that you tell her one thing and she does another. She claims to know and understand what you are talking about but when the whole procedure is over with one hack, I mean, snip of the scissors, I have my doubts. But over the years our relationship has grown. We have had laughter (at my hair cuts) and tears (oh so many - at my hair cuts). But with the help of the internet we have learnt a lot together. The less then 30 second method has now turned into at least 20 minutes and has almost become an enjoyable experience. In fact Simone’s reputation has gone before her and she has even had new clients, although none bar myself have ever returned.

So recently when I wondered to myself what I would look like with a fringe (bangs), I should maybe, just maybe, have gone and seen Simone (so Simone keeps telling me). But I figured I could do this simple task myself. I pulled the ever so slightly rusty hair cutting scissors from the box and slowly snipped away at my locks. At first attempt I was very happy with what I achieved, I liked the long sweeping bangs. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Every time I went to the heads (bathroom) I could feel the pull of the shiny (and speckled with rust) scissors and eventually a week later I gave into the pull. I am not really sure what happened except to say that I think it was “Thing”, the disembodied hand from The Addams Family, that cut the large mullet like wedge into the front of my hair and not my own fair hand. Too much hair from too far back, I look like Pat Sharp of the 80’s! Simone shakes her head every time she sees me pulling at the remaining shafts of hair. I am surprised at how calm I feel especially with Christmas and birthdays and friends coming out. I have resigned myself to clips, hats and headbands. All thoughts of a beautiful barnet have vanished from my mind. Instead I dream of the day I don’t look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. You will understand if I don’t include any pictures with this post.

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