Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here we go again....

We have spent nearly 5 wonderful months in Grenada at the southern end of the Caribbean chain. Hurricane season is almost over and the bays across the island have slowly been emptying of boats. We have taken our time slowly preparing to go; stocking up on food and drink for when we are in those deserted islands or where prices are exuberantly high. Cases of beer and coke, several 2 litre rum bottles, tins and packages of food fill our storage lockers. Propane, Gas, diesel and water have all been topped up. All the laundry has been done and the engine checked.

We have met up with friends for “one last time” not really knowing if and when we will see them again. Said final goodbyes and arranged to meet other friends in other islands further up the chain. This year Sim and I leave begrudgingly; Grenada has always been good to us. It is an easy island to like and we are familiar with it now. It is a good a home as any. But like any place (when you live on a boat) after a while we start to get itchy feet and start to wonder what the next sailing season will hold for us and what new adventures will be in store. And so we lifted anchor yesterday morning outside St Georges with the morning sun beating down on us. The excitement that we normally feel at the start of a new season slowly seeping in, though that may have been something to do with crossing the path of a very large sailing ship that Sim insisted we had right of way on. Then we were off, sailing up the side of the island, watching the sun rise over the steep verdant tropical hills of Grenada – The spice island.
We caught two tunas, though one got away as we were lifting it on deck. As we rounded the end of the island the wind filled in and we took off; dodging the dark squalls that seemed to be forming all around us. It was a lovely sail. We felt happy and free. We didn’t talk much just watched the sea as it sparkled a deep cobalt blue and watched Grenada as it turned into a dark hilly landscape on the horizon. Brown Boobie birds flew over head and I worried they would try and catch our fishing lure that they mistake as food. We have heard grizzle stories from fellow cruisers of having to untangle fishing line and hooks from these fair sized birds. But luckily they were happy to just soar above us – birds flying high.

We arrived in Tyrell Bay, Carriacou by mid afternoon. The bay is full of other cruising boats all at their first stop on their way north. But we found a good place to be, the anchor buried deep in the sand, assuring a good nights sleep. I had fresh (how much fresher can you get) tuna for dinner, while Sim refrained and ate last nights left over chilli! I’m not sure he always realizes what he is missing….if only we could catch a cow.

Now we are settled in and ready to tackle a few minor jobs that we always seemed to get distracted from in Grenada. Life is good…..

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