Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paradise Beach, Carriacou

We arrived in Carriacou the sister island to the north of Grenada a week ago and since then we have done, well, not a lot! Considering how much money we spent before we left Grenada we were hoping for a week or so of pulling in the purse strings. And that is pretty much what we have done. We are anchored in a lovely spot almost at the back of the fleet. The water is clear and blue all around us and everyday we jump in and go for a swim to cool off. But we need to go and stretch those old sea legs and get some exercise before we seize up.

There are plenty of nice walks in and around the small island of Carriacou and Sim and I happened to find one of the muddiest and the smelliest as we walked up and down steep roads and tracks to find a small and yucky beach on the south side of the island. Walking past the countryside was pretty and the baby lambs were cute too but the stink from the farm and the mangrove area towards our destination was pretty horrendous. Couple that with the muddy tracks that turned to stinking, squelchy mud and I was not a happy camper (or walker as the case maybe). So we can’t really recommend that walk.

However, when our friends Sam and Jon on SY Imagine of Falmouth arrived a couple of days ago, Sam and I took our selves on a 4 mile walk to Paradise Beach which is up and over the hill from Tyrell Bay. Just pull your dinghy up on the beach by the main dock and turn left at the hill. At the roundabout turn right and eventually you will see the beach on your left. It’s a very pretty beach with views out to Sandy Island and crystal clear blue water. I should have put a bikini on as they have showers there too (for a fee). But I didn’t so we took pictures and walked the length and breadth of the shoreline, beach combing as we went. Sam even found an illusive knickernut bean washed up on the shore. There are a couple of bars to grab a refreshing beer and a slightly pricey gift shop though it does have lots of nice items in. On the way back we stopped at the fruit and vegetable stall and bought a few items. The shrewd ladies compensate for their over inflated prices and entice you back by giving you a free grapefruit or some extra tomatoes when you leave.

We finished the day with a BBQ on Alianna with Sam and Jon and Steve from SY Meteor. Steve has just released his debut album Fantastic Voyage.

Today is Steve's birthday so we are all going around to his boat with cakes and food goodies to help celebrate.

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