Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Cruising Kitty

The cruising kitty is what it all comes down to at the end of the day. I am not talking about the four legged fury kind but of the ever depleting financial kind. There is no denying the truth to B.O.A.T = Break Out Another Thousand. But sailing and cruising does not have to cost huge amounts of money.

We try and budget on $1000US a month, some months we stick to this and other months we go over. But it is a guideline. We could raise that guideline but we will always be pushing it to its limits and spending more than we allocate ourselves. We don’t include haulouts, insurance, or other major expenses like the cost of flights home etc. But it is supposed to include boat repairs on a daily basis, food, drinks, socializing or island exploring. The majority is spent on food or if you have any expensive boat parts to buy. But filling up with petrol and diesel are also very costly as are some countries check in procedures.

Maybe the more money you have the more you enjoy your experience of cruising. But it all depends on your circumstances. Neither Sim nor I are retired and therefore are not getting a pension yet. We are fortunate that Sim has rental property that we get a small income from that we live off. We could if we wanted a bigger budget go back to the UK and work for a few more years. But we love our life out here too much. (who wants to work 9-5 anyway?). There are many things a restrictive budget do not allow you to do and you do need to be able to be reasonably self sufficient to make it work on less. But Sim and I also get a kick out of living a more basic and frugal life style …..don’t quote me on those words however! But we do enjoy the more simple life that cruising offers. We still sit in the same anchorages as the big boats and we still drink at the same bars. We still manage to explore the islands; we still make friends and enjoy good food. We make what we have work for us because this is the way we like it. I’m not sure we could manage it on much less. When we first came out we were extremely careful on what we spent our money on plus our social life was pretty non existent. We didn’t know how long the money would last and how long we would want to go cruising. Now we seem to have found what works. Check out my future blogs with tips on how to cruise cheaply.

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