Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weather Window

Its time for us to be on the move again. We have been in the country of Grenada and Carriacou for five months now and with an air of anticipation we look forward to the new season.

As with all passages, we check the weather days in advance, waiting for a good weather window (a period of good weather) to get to our next destinations no matter how near or far they are. In the Caribbean just when all the boats that have hurricaned in Grenada or places south get ready to head north, the easterly winds that have had an element of south in them for months, flick to the north for the winter season. Making sailing the Caribbean a beat to windward as you head up the island chain.

As the time draws near for us to leave we watch the weather and wait until we get a flick back to the east or even better the southeast and watch the sea states to make sure they are how we like them. We constantly review the weather forecast primarily using and the weather subscription that we have with the weather guru Chris Parker as well as National Hurricane Centre to make sure there is nothing brewing out there.

Now that we have the all clear for a few days, we head off with Sam and Jon on Imagine of Falmouth to points north. We have a weather window that will take us to St Lucia by Friday and weather depending on to Martinique, Saturday. We are looking forward to a few days sailing, back out on the open water….being free on the sea. Just as long as we don’t get hit by the nasty squalls that may arrive by the end of the week.

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