Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Boy Sim the Rain Dance Kid

The weather gods were not holding out for Sim’s Birthday. Two days before the big day, the cool breeze of the easterly trade winds decided to do a flip and turn 180˚ from the west. The nice protected anchorage of Rodney Bay turned into a jerky rollercoaster ride with wind driven, choppy seas coming all the way across the Caribbean Sea. Alianna was bouncing wildly on her anchor and that night, it was impossible to sleep. Tired and cranky the follow morning from spending the night being tossed around in our bunk, we were not holding out much hope for the party the following day. We checked the weather and checked it again, each time trying to find a forecast we liked. In an effort to make the boat more comfortable we laid out a stern anchor to keep us riding over the top of the waves rather then being swung violently from side to side when they hit us beam on. With a more stable boat came a more stable mind (for me anyway, whose unstable mind often goes wandering!) Happier with the way things felt we carried on planning for Sim’s birthday. That night we went out for a lovely lamb Roti (courtesy of mum and dad – thank you!) at Jaime du Bois for a pre birthday meal with Imagine of Falmouth and Sea Life before heading back to the boat at cruisers midnight (8.30!) and a full nights rest in preparation for the following day. By the time we woke the weather gods had smiled down on us and the winds were back to normal. Alianna lay peacefully at anchor, the crew happy that they had had a good night sleep. AND it was HAPPY BURRTHDAY Birthday Boy!!

We spent the morning prepping the boat for the party in the afternoon but the weather gods were frowning down on us again as now it was pouring with rain. Sim did a little wiggle to bring out the sunshine but we think he got his dances confused and did the rain dance instead as it just poured some more. But try and let a little rain stop a Brit party – I don’t think so. We wrapped the cockpit in bits of sunbrella and stuck up umbrellas to protect it from the rain which had by now eased to a drizzle. At 3pm Sam and Jon arrived from Imagine with a Giant sausage roll for Sims B’day present. Then the Aussie contingency arrived with Mark from Sea Life and Matt and Karen from Where II. We had too much food, plenty of alcohol, naughty balloons and even rescued a dog that had fallen off a neighbouring boat while it’s owners where out. (I would have gone over today to tell the owners off for leaving the dog like that only they left early this morning).

As the night drew on there were only the hardcore partiers left, ourselves and of course Imagine. We stayed up to watch the first 2 boats of the ARC arrive. (Boats who sail fairly competitively in a rally across the Atlantic). We laid bets on arrival times (Sam winning) and even spoke to the winning boat a super sleek 92 ft called Med Spirit whose calls to the arrival boat where going unanswered. Such a shame for the ARC to be so poorly organised after a boat has traveled nearly 3000 miles at sea. But it only added to our excitement in our inebriated state. We finally called it a night some time after midnight when we flopped into bed, another birthday over for another year! Just another couple of weeks and we will be doing it all over again.

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