Monday, December 12, 2011

Cas En Bas Beach, St Lucia

I have wanted to visit the beach at Cas En Bas on the northeast coast of St Lucia for several years now but for some reason we have never made it there before. This is probably due to laziness but now with the encouragement of friends to show us the way and a need to remedy the over indulgence of the past week I was looking forward to finally doing the walk.
The usual motley crew joined us with Sam and Jon from Imagine, Mark from Sea Life and Steve and Fi from Meteor. We met at the dinghy dock at the marina in Rodney Bay at the crazy hour of midday with the sun beating down on us. We turned left out of the marina on to the main road and then it’s right at any of the roads leading off it, walking in an easterly direction across the top part of the island. It’s a mile and a half walk as the crow flies but with all the twists and turns it probably turns into more like two miles each way. We walked on rocky, potholed roads, past little battered houses with washing hanging out and small yappy dogs guarding their owners properties. Every now and then we would pass a mango or grapefruit tree or the beautiful bougainvillea that added colour to the green roadside shrubbery.
We walked up the ever increasing incline until the views opened up on the other side of the island, where larger more prosperous properties and developments dotted the landscape. From there it was downhill until we reached the beach.

Being on the windward side of St Lucia, Cas En Bas is famous for its kite surfing but with the light winds and flat seas there were no surfers out today. It is however home to another interesting sight and that is part of a rocket booster that has either landed on the beach or been washed up on shore by the sea. Either way it is an interesting and unexpected landmark!

The crescent shaped beach is about a mile long with a bar and restaurant selling souvenirs right on the front. We joined a couple of tables together and sat down for a couple of ice cold Pitons, the local beer. Mark was the only one brave enough to swim in the sea, while the rest of us cooled down under the shade. We watched the locals ride bareback on ponies in the ocean until we were ready to head back. We walked along the seashore, beach combing as we went until we reached a VERY muddy path at the end. Although more shaded this was a little trickier but by far the funnier and more entertaining walk as we slipped and skidded our way back getting ever muddier as we went.

Tired, sweaty and hungry we sat down to a very tasty roti at the Bread Basket café back in the marina before we all went our separate ways later that afternoon. By the time we got back to the boat it seemed a party on the beach we were anchored off was in full swing with Soca music pumping out the decibels. Thank goodness it was a Sunday and therefore a work day the following day or the deafening music that I could feel vibrating through my body could have gone on all night!

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