Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I love Christmas and everything that goes with it from gaudy Christmas decorations to a massive feast on the day itself. (Though some might say I am missing the point here). I love the celebrations, the preparations and the festive feelings it brings. I love giving little presents to my friends and family and I am not ashamed to say I like receiving a few too.

Over the past week the constant stream of parties has slowly abated. We enjoyed the manager's party at the marina with the free food and drinks and costumes and the impromptu get together on SV Meteor with too much ginger ale, beer and rum. On Saturday as usual we listen to the VHF net in the morning when a quiz is held and prizes given away. This week Sim got through with the correct qualifying question (how many chairs in the Bread Basket cafĂ©?) and managed to answer correctly all the “scientifically speaking” questions to win us not just one but two cases of beer and a free night in the marina – Woo Hoo.

Saturday afternoon we watched in amazement as the traditional Yole boats over from Martinique raced around Rodney Bay using our very own “Alianna” as the marker. We couldn’t quite believe our eyes when the first boat tacked around us, the colourful rectangular sail touching us as it rounded our bowsprit, shortly followed by a second, third and forth boat. Sim and I watched in awe, silently praying that with each tack the Yole wouldn’t come colliding into our hull. But these guys were professionals with many men precariously balanced out on poles to keep the boat trim; they looked very cool indeed.

We had a quiet night ashore Sunday for another scrummy roti at Jambe de Bois and a discussion on how and what we are all doing for Christmas. Martin and Claire are due to join us on Christmas Eve and we had decided ages ago that Sam and Jon on Imagine would join us as well and now the party has grown with Steve and Fi on Meteor too. We are all cooking different dishes with Sim being in charge of the turkey and bread sauce as he is worried that there wouldn’t be enough if left to others!

The mild and settled conditions of the past few weeks have disappeared and the aptly named Christmas winds have arrived in full force. But the day is bright and sunny, the wind generator is spinning around and the portable generator has been put away as our batteries are topping up nicely. We wish everyone a very warm and wonderful Christmas and a super duper New Year.

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  1. carole and ian in the cold North EastJanuary 12, 2012 at 4:10 PM

    never sure whether you should be the first to add a comment onto a blog. The problem is that everyone else looks at it and says" i can do better than that " - so we will make it short and not hog the site. WE often log on to your photos to warm up a cold winters night on Tyneside although this year has not been so bad . Your photos are very good - oh and by the way , congratulations to you and Rosie on your wedding.- Take care and watch out for icebergs.
    Love Carole and Ian B.