Friday, December 9, 2011

Mojomo Arriving

The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) boats have been arriving in Rodney Bay in a steady stream over the last few days, with over half the 200 and something fleet having already arrived. Amongst them our friends Matt and Dee on Mojomo; a Privilege 495 catamaran. Despite the fact that they left a few days later than the rest of the fleet due to some rigging problems, they caught up with amazing speed and swiftness overtaking many boats that should have arrived before them (given the 3 day head start!) This is probably largely due to their fantastic crew and most importantly Mr Pink. Mr Pink is a large, pink (funnily enough) and billowy spinnaker that battled it out against the elements, never taking a break while the rest of the crew maintained their watches. Mr Pink never wavered from the task at hand leading them steadily on though squalls and storms and riding the crests of waves.

So we take our hats off and congratulate all the crew, the captain and Mr Pink who made extraordinary time in crossing the Atlantic. And we thank you for keeping us amused with your funny and very entertaining blog. As we were able to follow their progress online we arranged to meet up on Imagine of Falmouth, with Steve from Meteor and Mark from Sea Life for a pre party party so we could all zip out and meet them in our dinghies as they rounded the corner at Pigeon Island to the north of Rodney Bay and towards the finish line.

A happy smiley crew came into view with shouts and cheers (which may have been leers with Dee looking fab in a skimpy bikini) from our welcoming party. We followed them into the marina tooting our horns and generally making a nuisance of ourselves, where bottles of bubbly, wine, rum and beer got the party started. This was the beginning of a very long night. We hit the bar and then on to the Rex Hotel for the ARC EAP (early arrivals party) and that is probably all I shall say as we do have our families reading this blog. Needless to say we all woke up the next day feeling a little worse for wear with a few missing items, soggy and muddy clothes and the odd bruise to show for it. But I do think that we can safely say that we celebrated their arrival in style.

Having had yesterday to recover we are back to feeling sprightly again this morning. The sun is shining (first time in ages) and the bay is busy with sail boats and jet skies, Hobie cats and parasails, all out having fun. Sim has helped some local guys who had flooded their engine and he showed them a little trick that will help fix it if it happens again. The winds, though still light have returned to normal and we are no longer rolling wildly at anchor. I hope it stays this way.

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