Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sitting in Rodney Bay

In Rodney Bay today boats lie limply at anchor, there is no wind and no sunshine. The sea is a dirty green from all the rain and land run off. Our batteries are low and we have to run the generator. On the plus side our water tanks are full and Sim is currently finishing the laundry that I started earlier.

We have had a quiet couple of days getting over the shenanigans of Sim’s birthday. Our friend Steve on Meteor arrived on Friday and we all met up at the Ocean Club last night for a few beers. You can buy a bucket of 5 beers any time of the day for $20EC which is about £5. A truly great but dangerous deal.

There has been a slow but steady stream of boats arriving from across the Atlantic with the ARC rally. We listen in on the VHF as their times are taken and they are welcomed to the island. Sim has a pair of binoculars at the ready (his new birthday bins!) so he can spot them as they come around the corner from Pigeon Island.

Our friends on Mojomo with Matt and Denise arrive some time next week. We have all been routing for them and reading about their amusing antics on their blog. . As Sam from Imagine says, we have an ever growing welcoming committee for them when they clear the finish line here in Rodney Bay with our rock star friend Steve, our actor buddy Mark and of course our good selves that no name tag can be applied (though I think Sam wants to be the Gin Queen, though I think Wino would be more appropriate :-) - only joking Sam – we shall just call you Queenie).

It seems December is going to be a busy month of party and socializing, especially when friends Martin and Claire arrive on Christmas Eve. We will have to keep January clear for recovery.

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  1. Hi Alianna - We've just had a call from Stuart Sharp alerting us that you're in Rodney Bay - Naomi (Stuart's step daughter) and I (Penny) are based at Jalousie in Pitons Bay but we're coming up your way on Wednesday - are you around for a beer? You can email me at