Saturday, January 14, 2012

Exploring St Lucia

St Annes, Martinique

We spent a few more quiet days at St Anne’s in Martinique walking on the beautiful beaches and wandering around the pretty town before it was time to head back to Rodney bay in St Lucia.

We took the sail with the rip down and put up a spare that was just about adequate and sailed back to Rodney Bay but would you believe when we took the main down we found a tear in that as well!! We decided to put the jib into the sail makers to be repaired while Sim would repair the main sail. These were the last few days of Martin and Claire’s trip and we were to be in a different place every night. The next day we moseyed on down to Marigot Bay about halfway down the west coast of St Lucia. It’s a pretty bay completely hidden from the sea; we spent the night there and took a short walk up a hill with some lovely views.

Marigot Bay, St Lucia

The next day had us moving down to Soufriere where we picked up a mooring buoy. Once again Sim Stayed on board due to security reasons this time, while Claire, Martin and myself dashed ashore to find the Botanical gardens with hot water springs and Diamond waterfall. It was lovely walking through the cool tropical gardens admiring the exotic flora and taking a dip in the hotwater springs. We ambled back through the town checking out the shops.

Botanical Gardens, Soufriere, St Lucia

Diamond Falls, Soufriere, St Lucia

We stayed the night in Soufriere but moved the next morning a mile or so around the corner to pick up a mooring between the two magnificent Pitons which are actually volcanic plugs. Claire had decided that she wanted to climb Gros Piton, the slightly taller of the two and I in my infinite wisdom had said I would do it too! Martin joined us and we rather foolishly decided that we would walk the two miles to the entrance of the park; what we had not known was that it was a steep hill climb so by the time we reached the park I was exhausted. Great! Only two more hours of strenuous hill climbing up and two hours down!! Claire and Martin were both very encouraging and despite the enormous discomfort and fatigue I was feeling we made it to the top for some spectacular views; the only trouble with going up is coming down. But we made it – with happy smiley faces for most of the way.

Top of Gros Piton with views of Petit Piton

We tried to get a taxi back to the waterfront but there were none around and so had to make our own way back on feet and legs that were ready to collapse. That night we managed to make it ashore to the Jalousie Sugar Beach resort where we were treated to a splendid meal by a friend of Sims; A wonderful evening to end a wonderful day.

Popular spot at the base of The Pitons, St Lucia

We took Claire and Martin back to Marigot Bay where they left us for their flights back home. Sim and I carried on up to Rodney Bay to prepare ourselves for our continuing journey north and to deal with all the minor repairs, like a slipped shaft and blown shower head that emptied two of our water tanks and to decide what to do with our thread bare sails. Happy Days.

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