Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year In Martinique

Martin and Claire hired a car in Le Marin, Martinique for us all but due to yet another windy day, Sim elected to stay aboard and look after “Alianna” and Sam from “Imagine” took his place. We nipped up the east side of the island on the beautifully maintained super smooth roads – we would have hardly known we were in the Caribbean had it not been for acres and acres of banana plantations. We looked out east, across the sea where the strong winds were building up surf across the reefs. We stopped at the Caravelle Peninsula halfway up the east coast which is home to a nature reserve, some beautiful beaches, a fishing village and the old ruins of Chateau Dubuc. We had a lovely swim in the sea before continuing on our journey north. The aim of the car hire was to get as near to the top of the volcano Mt Pelee, at the north end of the island as possible. But after a couple of false starts, a few wheel spins, back wheels lifting completely of the ground and some terrible scraping sounds from under the car we had to admit defeat. We turned the car around and headed back down the west side of the island stopping in St Pierre for a well deserved beer and ice cream. The car journey back did not seem to take so long as we passed down a coast that was very familiar to me only this time I was getting a land based perspective. We cut back across the island at the capital Fort de France marveling at the spaghetti junctions and super highways that are alien to the rest of the Caribbean islands. And finally we arrived back in Le Marin.

The next day was New Years Eve. Sam and Jon had kindly invited us all as well as Steve and Fi from Meteor to their boat to see in the New Year. We arrived at 6pm and got stuck into all sorts of wonderful food. We saw in the Greek New Year in honour of Martin and Claire, and then 2 hours later at 8pm the British New Year and toasted absent family and friends, finally we made it all the way through to midnight to toast our local New Year. We lit sparklers, wore pretty neon tubes that Sam supplied and sipped on cheap but tasty Leader Price Brute.

What a wonderful 2011 we had with visits from both our parents; Flying back to UK for Jilly’s wedding and Luca and Myas Christening and to see friends and family. And all the wonderful time spent with our friends out here.

I wonder what 2012 will have to offer for us this year?

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