Saturday, February 25, 2012

Days Go By In St Martin

Sometimes life just sweeps you by and before you know it hours turn into days, days turn into weeks. Or at least that is what it feels like. Sam and Jon on Imagine left for the BVI’s and for all the regattas they race in. We said goodbye with a night out at La Bamba; a beach bar with a dance floor on the beach. It’s a pretty cool place with the best burgers in town and fantastic salsa nights.
With Sam and Jon gone Sim and I promised ourselves some quieter times and a rest for our pockets and our livers. But as usual things conspire against us and we are easily led astray. Actually we have been pretty good considering all the mischief we could get up to in St Maarten. We have enjoyed quieter evenings on Alianna or on friends’ boats instead. So thank you to Stingo, Sea Life and Here Today. We’ve had some lovely evenings.
During the week Sim has been working on various boats and I have scribbled the odd article. Aside from this we go for walks on the beach or take the dinghy over to the French side of the island and sit in a boulangerie eating croissants and doing some internet. Wednesday nights normally equals cruisers night down at Barnacles; a neat little bar looking out across the lagoon. Friday nights we tend to go down to Lagoonies; the bar I used to work in. Steve from Meteor played there this week. He played tracks from his great new album Fantastic Voyage which is available on Amazon. Saturday is boat jumble/flea market down Lagoonies again. We get there early and sell all our unwanted stuff and some handmade jewelry and make enough to cover a night or two out.

Only two more weeks and our sails should arrive and then we will be outa here. But where to? We are in a quandary at the moment as to whether we should stay in the east Caribbean, head north up to the United States, or west to Panama or to Guatemala? Any thoughts on these ideas would be gladly appreciated.

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  1. Of course there is only one thought on "those ideas"! :-) There is a lot of time in the future to go to the US, you've been long enough in the Eastern Caribbean, Guatemala could be the next step, but San Blas is where it all starts, because it is the time your good friends are here! :-) Easy to head up to your other ideas from Panama!