Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Windy Week in St Martin

For the last week it has been blowing dogs of chains as Sim would say; the wind often howling over 30kts. Halyards slap against the mast and the whole boat vibrates. Alianna snatches on her anchor chain and we are grateful that we managed to find a spot of sand to anchor in, in an otherwise very weedy, lagoon seabed bottom. Going anywhere in the dinghy envolves getting wet. Days have taken on a pattern as we look after our friend’s cat while they are away; dinghying over in the morning to feed the kitty and again in the afternoon.

St Martin has plenty of walking trails but hardly any are within walking distance of where we are anchored. Last Sunday however, we found a cycle track path with the entrance across from the Grand Marche supermarket that’s great to have a walk around. Dinghies can be left at the Port Du Plaisance marina. It’s very dry and baron but there are some great views out across the bay and different colour coded routes that you can take and lead you across to Marigot. There are hundreds of Tamarind Trees and the deadly seeds of the Abrus Precatorius shrub that can kill you if digested ground up. Hundreds of dragonflies and small butterflies dart about. It makes a change from the beach.

Sim has been working a lot during week so I get the boat to myself trying hard to de-clutter the place. Not an easy task for a hoarder, especially as you never know what might come in handy in a new place. But we can only carry so much in our floating home.

This week has seen the Heineken Regatta, a major sailing event in the Caribbean that attracts sailors from all over the world. And where there are sailing regattas there are parties; almost one for every night of the week while the event takes place. Sim and I went to the final event and prize giving on Kim Sha beach. Bars, booths, food stands and a huge stage took up most of the sand. The first part of the evening is for prize giving, the party gets started in the second half with a local reggae star taking the stage. We had a good evening……some more then others as for once, as it was Sim suffering from the effects of over indulgence and not me!!

We are slowly trying to get the boat prepped for whichever direction we finally decided to take. Some major provisioning has been going on. Boat and maintenance jobs ticked off the list. But when you don’t know where you are going its hard to know what to stock up on or prepare for. Hopefully we will be enlightened with a decision soon.

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