Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eight years on...

Kunu Indians in the San Blas
Angel Falls

In the early days

Eight years ago Sim and I moved aboard our sail boat Alianna. I can’t believe where the time has gone. What adventures we have had sailing through some amazing countries and what wonderful people we have met along the way; our first season in the Caribbean when we were so new to it all and we thought we couldn’t visit the French islands because we hadn’t paid VAT on the boat. The months in Venezuela in the good old days of Puerto La Cruz and our fabulous trip to Angel Falls; the Venezuelan offshore islands and the ABCs.; The indigenous Kuna Indians of the San Blas and Panama; the Bay Islands and then Guatemala with its amazing Mayan culture; the underwater world of Belize and the fun we had in Mexico. Intriguing Cuba! The fabulous cruising ground of the USA. The beautiful waters of the Bahamas and the stunning landscape of the Dominican Republic and the secrets of Samana, Puerto Rico and back through the US and British Virgin Islands to the East Caribbean. And of course we got married.

Alianna in the San Blas

Reflecting over the last eight years we smile at what at what we have achieved. We are a little disappointed that we are not the sailors that we imagine ourselves to be – long distance ocean cruisers, real salts of the sea. Instead we are over cautious (which is not a bad thing). We don’t enjoy long windward trips in unsettled conditions but then who does. We wish we could just nip off to America or Europe this season and come back next. But we can’t; because we are trapped by our minds limitations of what we can and can’t do. Ultimately we prefer to be at anchor than to be sailing, that’s not to say we don’t like sailing because we do. We have found a comfort zone in the east Caribbean, with easy sailing and fair winds……most of the time, and pretty anchorages to sit in. Although I have been getting a little disenchanted with the lack of culture there is no denying the charm that these islands offer.

Now that the novelty has worn off. Now that sun, sea, sand, bikinis and flip flops are an everyday norm for us – real life (as most would imagine it) – is a far away reality. A reality we don’t have to go back to. We are happy living this alternative. So is what next? The Answer is: we haven’t a clue! But then I guess that is the beauty of it all.


Raguna Cay, Belize
Beautiful Water

Street Seller in Chichicastanago, Guatemala
Coconut boy in the San Blas
Tikal, Guatemala
Crumbling Cuba
The Bahamas


  1. Congratulations on your eighth anniversary.
    From the crew of Beach House