Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marvelous Martinique

Grande Anse D'Alet, Martinique
  Sim and I always enjoy our time in Martinique. After our shopping frenzy in the capital of Fort de France we moved Alianna around to one of our favourite spots at Grande Anse D’Arlet. This small colourful fishing village has a stunning beach lined by a pedestrian walkway. Brightly painted fishing boats are pulled up on the sand next to big piles of nets and rustic (but expensive) bars and restaurants dot the shore side. The bay is surrounded by steep green hills and the view every morning is just stunning. Every day Sim and I swam with turtles; Sim even stroking one. Sadly I have no pictures as my underwater camera (which I loved very much) got water logged :-(. We saw sea snakes and a Lesser electric ray with a sting strong enough to knock a man down – a fact which had a I known at the time probably would have stopped me diving down trying to see if it was alive!; Star fish and sand dollars covered the seabed. We had fabulous snorkels everyday. Not just on either side of the bay along the rocky outcrops but just under our boat where the turtles hung out.
On the beach at Grande Anse D'Arlet
A lot of boats in Le Marin
For our eight year anniversary of living on a boat we decided we would like to have moules et frites in Le Marin on the south east corner of Martinique. It was a nasty squally day and we expected a horrid beat to windward for 10 miles but there was no wind between the squalls and we had an easy motor sail the whole way. We stopped first in St Anne’s, another cute village that wonderfully fuses the Gallic and Caribbean culture. Palm trees and pretty painted houses are set against boulangeries, little boutiques and the ubiquitous Huit a Huit supermarket.
Church at the top of the hill
We had a nice meal in Le Marin, walked around the small town to the pretty church sitting at the top of the hill with fabulous views out across the bay; such a beautiful spot. I can see why it was choosen as a place of worship. Le Marin itself, is a huge yachting centre. The marina is massive as is the boat yard and you can get all sorts of parts or work done. Naturally it is where all the Frenchies hang out.

A traditional racing Yole in Le Marin
After we had had our fill of Frenchland and were ready to move on we had one last stop in our favourite shop Leader Price and were on our way.
The Supermarket Leader price has its own dinghy dock - how cool!
Grande Anse D'Arlet beach
Bourg du Marin

Cute little beach properties in Grande Anse D'Arlet
Boats at anchor Grande Anse D'Arlet

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