Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Grenada

Hog Island
After the uneventful passing of Tropical Storm Ernesto to the north of us we spent a few more quiet days in Port Egmont with Chris and Naury on “Darling Blue” before moving on to join the rat race in the more popular bays of Grenada.
We moved around to Clarks Court Bay a large and reasonable protected harbour with easy access to the small village of Lower Woburn, Clarks Court Bay Marina, Whisper Cove Marina and Hog Island. Every Sunday on Hog Island a beach BBQ and party are held at Rogers Beach Bar – a small rickety wooden shack that serves as a bar with a small covering. Locals arrive on fast boats and lime away, dancing and enjoying the BBQ while cruisers mingle, their dinghies lining the beach. People gather, chill and relax as the evening wiles away. It was nice to catch up with friends we left here last year and some we hadn’t seen for years.
Dinghies - Hog Island
During the week I met up with Jackie and her boys Fin and Oz on “Xicale” to go for a walk on Hog Island. I pulled up at their boat in our dinghy and waited for them to get ready. In the mean time their cat Jasper, eager to jump ship, leaped onto the dinghy waiting for a lift to shore. Ever since he was a kitten Jasper has been given shore leave and on occasions has even swum back to the boat. – A very different cat to Ali de Cat who is a giant scaredy cat!

Fin and Oz and Jaspurrr the cat.
Later in the week with a couple of others, I helped Susie – a single hander, move her boat from Hog Island around to Port Louis in St Georges. Sim would have helped too but he cricked his neck the night before and managed to get out of it! “Spirited Lady” is a beautiful brand new 56ft wooden classic – the kind of boat where a tiny scratch does make a difference. After a few false starts we got underway and had a wonderful sail around to the marina. You forget what hard work it is getting a boat ready for sea, sailing her and then putting her “to bed again” all in the blaring sun; very different from the shaded cockpit of “Alianna”. By the end of the afternoon our feet were scorched from the hot wooden decks and we were all sun burned and exhausted.

Spirited Lady with Mikie at the helm
It is wonderful to be back in Grenada, it is such a relaxed and chilled country; so beautiful and green with burst of flowering colour everywhere. What look like scruffy villages, are tight little communities. It is wonderful to see how excited the country got when their man won a gold medal – a half day holiday was issued. Lucky they don’t do that in the UK or no work would get done!

Liming in Hog Island
Morning stroll for Jasper
The Bar!
Susie, Mark and me on Spirited Lady
So pretty...
..and green

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