Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac Keeps Us On Our Toes

Ahh The Lovely Grenada
One of the things that Sim and I enjoy about hurricane season is dropping the hook and staying in one place for a while. The boat becomes “un-shipshape” and life becomes a little easier when objects and belongings don’t have to be constantly stowed safely away. However, so far this season Sim and I have been unable to stay in one place for more than a week. This is very unlike us. On one occasion we had settled nicely into a comfortable spot in the notoriously rolly Prickly Bay. We liked it there. It is convenient to get into town; it has a couple of good local bars and restaurants. We anchored nearish to the beach and every afternoon we would finish our day with a dip in the sea and a swim to get a little exercise. The roll held off and it was a lovely place to be. We had the generator out on deck, the sun covers were up, we had “stuff” all over the boat in a (pathetic) attempt to declutter and spruce up the boat now that she is For Sale. But that roll didn’t hold off for long; despite the fact that tropical storm Isaac was miles to the north of us it was/is a very large system. It turned our calm anchorage into a washing machine ride. The prevailing easterly winds, turned to the west and were forecasted to come out of the south at a strong and steady 20-25kts gusting 30kts for the following day. Enough to make our little bit a paradise turn into our personal inferno - a tad over dramatic perhaps. But I love my life very much and I love living on a boat but I HATE it when the boat rocks and rolls wildly at anchor. When it is relentless and you are thrown from one side of the boat to the other, I seriously loose my sense of humour. Plus the strong winds would put us on a lee shore. With it getting late in the day we called our friends on “Darling Blue” and told them of our plans, checking the weather themselves, they decided to follow suit. It took a good couple of hours to get the boat in ship shape order as we knew too well that although we were only moving a couple of miles it can be a bumpy ride. We weren’t the only ones making this move. Mount Hartman, Hog Island and Clarks Court Bay were all chock-a-block with boats looking for a little protection from the seas.
Isaac is a big system
So here we are in Clarks Court Bay again. Because it has been raining so much the water is a muddy brown. We are surrounded by little green hills and Alianna is very comfortable sitting at anchor here. We celebrated Naurys birthday yesterday on “Darling Blue” and were treated to sumptuous Sardinian feast cooked by Chris.
Naury's Birthday

Two Lovely Ladies
Passing by Prickly Bay this afternoon we happen to see the mast of a sunken boat peaking up out of the water near to where we were anchored before. I wouldn’t like to say for sure that it sunk as a result of the weather but its easy to imagine that it may have!
Chris and Naury
Sim pulling Chris up the mast
Chris up the mast!

Beautiful Bourganvillea
My favourite abandon lily pond is still here :-)
Lovely water lily

My favourite water lily

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