Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let The Fun Begin!

Prickly Bay
 Now that the boat is on the market all those itty bitty jobs we have been meaning to do for years but have been quite happy to live with, are suddenly glaring us in the face screaming to be attended to. So this last week has been met with a sander in one hand and a paint brush in the other touching up little bits of varnish.

We moved Alianna from Clarks Court Bay to Prickly Bay last Monday. It is great to be back in a place that is so familiar to us; it is like we have never been away. It was carnival over the weekend but having “done it” 3 years on the trot we decided to give it a miss this year enjoying the peaceful calm days while everyone was out partying. In between slinging varnish about the place, catching up with friends, running errands and having fun on the weekly chaotic shopping bus we have been pouring over web pages and scrutinizing photos in an attempt to find ourselves a new (old) boat. We probably shouldn’t even be looking until we have sold this one but the temptation is just too great. We even went to see one over in Phar Bleu Marina. Serefe is a 47ft Tayana, I really like this boat, it looks strong and sturdy and still has a traditional feel to it with plenty of woodwork inside which is something Sim and I both like. The only downside (apart from its price) is that it suffered hurricane damage in 1995 and is still requiring a lot of work, not to mention the stigma that is attached to “hurricane damaged” boat. It would be a project boat for a while, something to sink our teeth into. But she is a beauty. Sim isn't so keen and is looking for something a little more sporty.  I thought he had been through the " middle age - red sports car" phase before we met! I wonder what the boat equivilant is?

One of the issues we have is that we really do not know what we are looking for. Should we go cat or monohull. Should we get a project boat or something ready to go? Do we want two cabins or three? Light wood or dark? Sim has dreams of a workshop and I have dreams of a walk around bed and a swim platform.  You can see where our priorities in life differ!

So many decisions and choices; it is still early days. But the fun has begun!


  1. We looked at a Nauticat 52 pilothouse ketch once. It had the walk around, or as near to as you can get, bed.
    It also had a Sauna, which had been converted into a full workshop. A Sauna not being something you really need this far south of Finland.
    Powered by a big Ford Lehman it was more a truck than a sports car but really sturdy.
    Any way... just sayin'.

  2. Thanks Geoff

    Truck or sports car is a tough choice!

  3. Sim & Rosie,

    Contragtualtions on living your dream!! We have reviewed and enjoyed your story and thanks for the inspiration! We are just commencing our own journey and have just bought the Serefe which you looked at. We are preparing to make this our 'own boat' and are organising the work to get this boat ready for our amazing adventures to come. It would be great to hear more of your story and hear, what boat you did end up buying?

    We would welcome the opportunity to meet up with you on our travels and introduce you to what will be a newly named and loved 47' Tayana.

    Best wishes

    Tori & Bryan