Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dinghy Concerts, Blue Moons and Beach Parties.

Dinghy Concert, Clarks Ct Bay
There is always something going on in Grenada, especially for cruisers who flock here in their masses during the hurricane months. Dominos, poker, cricket, salsa, yoga, walking, hashes (of the running and walking kind), trivia nights, movie nights, live band nights, jam sessions, cooking classes, a weekly beach lime and live band on an uninhabited island, book swaps. The list goes on and all these are just the weekly events. Then you have monthly events and special events.
Local Grenadian Band
The highlight of this week has to be the dinghy concert preformed live by a Grenadian band called Kay and Energy Vybz on the back of an old barge. Basically you just turn up in your dinghy and tie on to the boat in front of you. Either bring your own beer and snacks or dinghy hop over to the floating bar where beer is sold for $5EC which is less than £1.20! They preformed covers like that Gnarls Barkley classic 'Crazy' as well as some local Grenadian songs and a bit of Bob Marley. Everyone has a great time. Kids jump in and out of the sea and then everyone goes on their bonny way home. Only this time it was also a “blue moon”. For those that don’t know - a blue moon is a second full moon in a given month. These don’t occur very often and the next one isn’t until 2015. Hence the old adage “once in a blue moon”. So when the concert finished we moved over to Rogers Beach bar for a “blue moon” party. Rogers beach bar is the very authentic ramshackled hut that serves beer and rum on the beach of a small island called Hog Island. There are no facilities here. The booze and food are bought in by boat whenever the bar is open, dinghies line the beach as people arrive. If you need to pee you have to go and find a suitable tree/ bush, although I do believe there is a preferred area but I could be wrong! There is always the sea! We had a lovely evening catching up with people while a “blue moon” shone happily down on us.
Hog Island Blue Moon Party
Meanwhile another monthly boat jumble has been and gone. Sim and I actually managed to sell or give away some things we have been clearing out without buying more stuff to bring back to the boat; a major success in our eyes! And as it was a Sunday it was back to Hog Island to chill out on the beach for the afternoon with friends. 'Tis a hard life we lead.

Dinghies line the beach at Hog Island

Mikie and Chris at Hog Island

Local Grenadian dish "oil down" cooked over a fire
Woburn Clarks Ct Bay.

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