Tuesday, September 11, 2012

St Georges, Grenada

I love the small town of St. Georges that is the capital of Grenada. It is a busy working waterfront surrounded by low green hills and clusters of buildings and houses. It is always busy with fishing boats or party boats moving in and out of the harbour unloading their wares. The hustle and bustle of the town is filled with an eclectic mix of streets with shops that sell a mish mash of odds and sods. For example in the fabric shop you can buy avocados and in the clothes shops you can buy cleaning products or anything else that the owner thinks might sell. The steep streets that have you huffing and puffing up and down them have some wonderful views across the town. Street vendors have walls lined with dodgy DVD’s and the fruit and vegetable market sells a huge array of produce. The tourist stalls are filled with wonderful little packages of curry spices, herbs and locally made jams and a variety of arts and crafts.
The whole town has a rustic run down feel to it and yet it is a happening and colourful place. Locals’ hangout on street corners peddling local fruits from buckets. Little ladies at the market sit under umbrellas, uniformed school children run around and the police walk their beat. It feels a safe and comfortable place to be and despite the unbearable heat I always enjoy a trip into town. Last week Naury from “Darling Blue” and I took a trip from Clarks Court Bay into town; the bus winding through small villages, passing roadside vendors selling char grilled corn and small groups of men gathered around rickety tables playing dominos. I love these bus journeys especially when we are not packed in like sardines. I never tire of seeing the Grenadian countryside.

This weekend we left the comfy confines of Clarks Court Bay to move back around to the rolly Prickly Bay for the grand arrival of my dear friend and newly weds, Kristin and Ross who are lording it up in the Tower Rooms of the lovely True Blue Bay Resort where we look forward to spending some time with them.



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