Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Slow Hot Week

Impressive sky in Prickly Bay
It’s been a slow hot week in Grenada. In fact it’s smokin’ hot. Today a gentle breeze blows through the boat but this is a treat. Except for the odd wind in squalls it’s been hot and muggy, the air almost hard to breathe. And we are constantly dripping in sweat! Nice! In the evenings small storm cells roll in with incredible cracking thunder and impressive lightening displays. A glorious full moon lights the night skies when it’s not shrouded in cloud.

Beautiful full moon.
 During the oppressive days we potter on with little jobs. We meet friends for lunches, shop or do laundry; all these are day long events. Sim managed to get hold of the wood we needed to repair the bowsprit trims and has made a start on that. But it is hot work out in the sun. We made a little sun cover for him on the bowsprit out of an old piece of sail. Every afternoon we jump in the sea for a cooling respite and swim to the beach and back with our blue noodle – a 5ft blue foam tube so that dinghies whizzing by can see us. These trips are a token gesture towards a little exercise in this unforgiving heat, blemished only by the sighting of small brown, ugly looking jellyfish; who knows if these little suckers sting. The roll in Prickly bay comes and goes. As soon as we can bare it no longer and think about moving it abates and all is calm again. 
Lance Aux Pine beach at Prickly Bay.
 As the heat has turned up a notch, the hunt for a new boat has cooled as we scour our favourite websites to see what new stuff has come on the market. All this boat searching has lead to a new appreciation for “Alianna”. All the things I found troublesome and annoying we have finally fixed now that we are selling her! She is not only looking good but I have come to realize what a home she has become to me. I feel safe within her strong, sturdy confines. A safe haven and a place of sanctuary that is oh so necessary when you are miles and miles from your home and constantly on the move. She is not just a boat but someone who has been my friend and protected me. We have sailed in many uncomfortable conditions where the wind howls and the seas are huge. As large walls of water bear down on her I’ve waited to be engulfed by a mass of water only to find her callipygous stern gently lifted as she rises over the top of it. Will I find this comfort in a new boat? I now often find myself sitting inside her cozy interior wondering if there can be a more well thought out boat. Where the galley is so ergonomic with everything in easy reach; and Sim and I can both squeeze in to stir our own food on “separate dinner nights”. And the two separate living areas in the saloon and the pilothouse. We seem to have our minds set on a catamaran at the moment. But is the trade off between not rolling at anchor and not heeling when sailing worth the lack of living room especially for someone who doesn’t spend much time in the cockpit? I guess we just have to keep hunting until we meet a boat that fits our criteria….
More impressive skies!

 Even the kitty has conched out!!

Sunset from the Tiki bar.

Tiki bar.

Taking a break!

Keeping watch.

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