Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back In The Grenada Groove

St Georges Harbour
We really enjoyed being anchored outside the lagoon in St Georges. Once we had found a sandy bit to get the anchor dug in, it was a comfortable and beautiful spot. Just to our left the colorful, shabby waterfront capital of St Georges wound its way up the hillside and to our right the huge white stretch of Grand Anse beach constantly beckened us. The water was clear and inviting. We spent days ashore shopping in town or hanging out in the yacht club (which has fast free internet when you buy at least a drink and great reasonably priced local food like Rotis or BBQ ribs and salad) or hanging out with our friends Sam and Jon on Imagine of Falmouth in Port Louis marina who had recently arrived back from a jaunt in the UK. It was great to see them again; we couldn’t believe it was six months since we had bid farewell in the BVI’s. St Georges is such a convenient location with supermarkets and chandleries with their own dinghy docks and everything so close to hand. It amazes us that having spent 3 hurricane seasons here we have only just realized how great it is. Every night we can watch the sunset over the horizon; something you miss when anchored in the more southerly bays. Thursday was Grenadian Thanks Giving and a public holiday; Grand Anse beach was packed with people enjoying the day off, we joined them frolicking in the sea and walking on the beach – such a glorious day.
Having fun on the beach
We have been to see yet another catamaran in Grenada Marine. This time a larger 42ft Lagoon, this is moving more towards the size of cat we can see ourselves living on but there is still something that is just not clicking. We have 63 storage lockers on Alianna including bookshelves and anchor lockers. Nothing in the catamaran category is coming anywhere close to this. As much as we feel a cat would be fun for a while, and are aware of the benefits of a boat that doesn’t rock we seem to be shifting our attention back towards slighty larger mono hulls. I recently read a blog calling the need/desire for a bigger boat, a disease. I think I would just call it lucky. We have lived perfectly happily on a 39ft boat for over 8 years and are fortunate enough to have an opportunity to make a change hopefully for the better. This is all we are trying to do. As in many ways Alianna is more then adequate and although I wouldn’t go as far as calling her perfect (lets be fair who, I mean what, is!), she sets the bar high. Our knowledge and understanding of what we want is 100% more than the first time around when we were so new to this cruising malarkey. It often amazes us how well our first choice has turned out.
Another boat yard visit
In the mean time it’s been a fairly busy and sociable week for us. We had a lovely dinner with Mikie, a friend of ours who is temporarily land based here at Phare Bleu marina – we will not mention what the three of us managed to do to a whole cheesecake. More dinner and drinks with Sam and Jon in Port Louis. On Friday we moved around to Prickly Bay for a night, stopping for a few drinks at the Tiki Bar. The winds were out of the southeast and a big swell was rolling in making the bay fairly uncomfortable again. Luckily we were moving on to the calmer waters of Clarks Court Bay whose reef strewn entrance protects us from anything but the worst of swells. Chris and Naury on Darling Blue had us over for a delicious BBQ on the back of their boat - a bright full moon lit up the clear night’s sky for a fabulous evening. We all agreed how lucky we are.
The light of the moon.
Afternoon dip

 My new pink noodle
Grand Anse beach

Sim playing with his noodle AGAIN!

Beautiful beach

Mikiie, Sim and whats left of the cheesecake!

Sam "Imagine of Falmouth" and Sim

St Georges from above.

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