Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boat Shopping In Chaguarmas, Trinidad

The view from our slip

Our time in Trinidad passed in the blink of an eye.  With days of southerly winds we decided to stay in the marina and treat ourselves further while the unprotected anchorage in Chaguaramas became a washing machine ride.  We enjoyed the perks of free unlimited fresh water, ice, hot showers and a swimming pool – even a newspaper was delivered daily!  These common items might not seem special to landlubbers but to us, it was a treat. 
Crews Inn Marina
 Settled into the marina we got down to the business of looking at boats.  First stop was a Privilege 39.  We both liked this boat.  It was an ex charter version with 4 cabins and 4 heads, easy to convert into a work shop for Sim and apparently a laundry for me....but that was Sim's idea and not mine. It had many nice features.  We also looked at an Admiral 38 and a Kennex 38.  We liked the Admiral as well; the layout was right and it has lots of nice kit. Sadly we could see straight away it wasn't for us, despite the lightening strike most electronics had been replaced or repaired, so that was OK.  But we could see the floor lifting in the keels. This was enough evidence to prove the bad reputation that some Admirals have.  The Kennex isn't worth mentioning!  We took things with the Privilege a little further but in the end decided that this one wasn't for us.
 So the hunt continues. We walked around all the boat yards checking out the boats trying to see if any had ‘for sale’ signs on but there were none that took our fancy.  So with boat hunting done it was time to take care of a few jobs.  Friends in Grenada had asked us to check out a boat for them, so we went and visited a 72ft steel boat. This boat was pretty amazing; the stateroom was huge, with a massive double bed on one side and a sofa on the other.  The bathroom actually had a bath and a separate shower cubicle…sounds like my kinda boat!!  But steel work isn't really our thing, so we took photos and emailed them back to our friends.
Big cabins on a 72ft boat
 We enjoyed our time in Trinidad although it was short.  It’s easy to see why cruisers flock there.  With all the boatyards and marine shops and suppliers, any boat problems you have can be easily addressed here – there is a solution to everything.  We gorged on plenty of Roti’s, Sim especially fond of the “bloody disgusting” goat curry – amusing if any one has seen the Catherine Tate sketches. Despite the area being so industrial I saw huge turtles in the bay, rays leaping out of the water, parrots and plenty of Iguanas.  The latter hanging around the Roti hut causing concern as to whether the goat really was goat after all! We hung out with friends by the pool at Crews Inn where even the daily thunder and lightening storms could not break up our pool party.  The crazy drunk Norwegian in the slip next us was hugely entertaining with his public drunk rants and sexual innuendoes on the VHF radio.  I'm sure that others are not so easily amused though.
Iguana enjoying a bit of Roti bread!
 Finally it was time for us to leave and head back to Grenada.  Another night sail but this time we were screaming along at well over 7kts with more wind than forecasted.  We arrived in the middle of the night so decided to head around to the wide open anchorage of St Georges. Here we could drop the hook without worrying about shallows and reefs and if we did drag it would only be out to sea.  At 4am with the anchor down we sat in the cockpit for a well deserved tot before we finally threw ourselves into bed.

more hungry Iguanas

Vegetable Roti for me! 

Buss Up Shot - another roti variation
By the pool, in the rain
Pretty flora

The Oil Rigs

Night sailing

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