Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goodbye Grenada

Sailing away from Grenada yesterday morning
Another hurricane season has almost officially come to an end. It has been our 4th year this time around, not including the time we spent when we first arrived in the Caribbean in 2004. No other place can be called home as much as Grenada can. This season has seen us occupied in the search for a new boat, not only in the hunt for a new one but also in getting Alianna ready to sell as well.

Hog Island
We have enjoyed the quiet and peaceful times in Port Egmont (albeit awaiting a non eventful storm) and Clarks Court Bay; The Hog Island beach parties, the flea markets at Secret Harbour and the beautiful walks in the area. We have enjoyed the more convenient and pretty Prickly Bay when the horrid southerly swells are not rolling in and the fun nights ashore at the Tiki Bar hanging out with friends. Not forgetting St George’s anchorage with the pretty waterfront harbour to one side and the idyllic Grand Anse beach to the other. Although it is always hard to tear ourselves away from the familiarity we are ready for new excitements and adventures.

Grand Anse Beach
So we take our hat off to Grenada and thank her for being a kind and hospitable home; for treating us well and offering us a safe harbour. Maybe we’ll see you again next year and maybe we won’t, who knows, but return again one day, we will.
Tiki Bar dinghy dock, Prickly Bay
Pink Gin Beach

Magazine Beach

St Davids


The Cannonball Tree

Banana plants
Purple water lilly

Thursday, November 8, 2012

You Win Some You Lose Some

Moving from Clarks Court Bay back to Prickly Bay
It’s been a week of highs and lows. We spent the early part of last week revisiting a boat that we have been fairly interested in since the beginning of the great boat hunt. It is in fact a monohull. Hard as we tried to make a catamaran work, we were constantly drawn back to this monohull. I don’t want to start naming boats but what we will say is this one is a 47ft’er with 2 cabins which would have suited us perfectly. It is a boat however that will need a LOT of work to bring it up to scratch and will need a lot spending on it – stretching our budget to its maximum with all the repairs and planned improvements. This is one of the reasons it took us so long to come to a decision to put an offer in; which we did, although in hindsight it was perhaps a little on the low side (but we were trying our luck after all). For some reason we were fairly confident we would get it or at least get our offer upped but what we didn’t foresee was someone else coming in with a higher offer – which is exactly what happened. More fool us – and we lost out.

Walking through some trails at Clarks Court Bay
Disappointed we have had to walk away, tail between our legs. But que sera, sera. We are philosophical about these things. Trying to keep that BATNA acronym in mind (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement) we have our eye on another boat just to keep our spirits high. However in the mean time we are going to take a step back from boat hunting and focus our attentions on the family holiday that is occurring next month when my family visits from the middle of December onwards in St Lucia.

We danced by the light of the moon
As November arrived drawing near to the end of another hurricane season so did another flea market that occurs at the beginning of each month – another successful visit selling our unwanted goods and a small amount of handmade jewelry, coming away with a (small) wad full of dollars in the pocket. We passed the rest of the week in Clarks Court Bay, spending time in good company like Chris and Naury on “Darling Blue” and a pleasant evening last Guy Fawkes night with Mike and Nicola from Pandora who are currently land based at Phare Bleu.

Nicola with her firework
Now we have moved back around to our favourite spot in Prickly Bay with Lance Aux Pines beach just a stones throw from the boat. Our friends Sam and Jon are here having hauled out at Spice Island Marine for the week. Another weekend approaches with shopping buses and beach bars and other excitements, all the familiar activities that make Grenada feel like home.
Dinner at De Big Fish with Sam and Jon

Back in Prickly Bay

We see you!