Sunday, December 2, 2012

Captains Birthday Party at Miss Luckys Rum Shack

Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
Sim and I both love the small, laid back island of Carriacou. Sitting at anchor in the crystal clear waters of Tyrell Bay it’s easy to forget the rest of the world even exists. Boats come and go; we tinker on with little projects waiting for our friends Sam and Jon to catch up from Grenada. We are traveling with them up to St Lucia as we both happen to have our families visiting over Christmas.
The Slipway maybe?

Some of the motley crew at Sims B'day
Sam and Jon arrive in time to start some early celebrations as Sim’s Birthday approached this weekend. It was a hard decision to decide where to go for the actual big day itself. Maybe the charming Slipway restaurant, an authentic nautical beach front place with fairy lights and odd boat bits and charts decorated artfully around it; and views out across the inky colours of the bay. That was until it was suggested that we try Miss Lucky’s place up the road. No sea view offered here but instead a genuine and friendly “rum shack’ complete with oil drum BBQ out front for those all important ribs and chicken pieces and chips - all for the grand price of 12EC or £3. This is much more Sims style - a more local environment. Oh, and cheap!
Birthday sparklers from Beach House
 A fun night was had. Miss Lucky is lovely and put up with a large number of cruisers joining her small bar for drinks and BBQ. Rum is measured by the ¼ in old Lambrusco bottles for the equivalent of £3. ½ litre of rum, 2 cokes, 4 beers and two good platefuls of BBQ food and potato wedges came to less than 20 quid. Bargain! The Birthday Boy IS a cheap date! It can not be denied. Sim enjoyed himself and we had good fun with good friends Imagine of Falmouth, Darling Blue, Beach House, Kaya Moya and some other boats I forget the names of. The toilet facilities need a mention for their entertainment value. Sam and I who had not been here before got laughed out of the bar when we asked for a key to the toilet. The joke was it was an outhouse and for the most part it was by passed in favour of squatting at the back of the shop. For some reason it is deemed necessary to lock this slightly squalid little hut that houses a homemade wooden toilet over a deep hole – I’m not sure why. But there you go. Sam and I did find the experience entertaining as only you can when under the influence of a small amount of alcohol while several large frog leaping over your feet in the dark. When you gotta go you gotta go and anywhere will do.

The "out house"
The Privy
Now the birthday weekend is winding down. We are looking at the weather to continue our journey north and on to St Lucia. It looks like the end of the week might be good to go.
Moi et Sam
On our way home.

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