Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Its Boat Yard Time

Alianna in the slings
It’s that time of year again when Alianna gets hauled out of the water to re paint her anti fouling – the protective paint you apply against marine growth under the boat. Last time around we were very disappointed with how quickly the Sea Hawk anti fouling came off. Even though we knew it was ablative paint we didn’t reckon on it coming off quite so quickly around the water line even though we did put extra paint in all of these fast wearing areas.

Being transferred from travel lift.

A lot of people don’t look forward to their boat yard duration, Sim and I, especially Sim love this time. The boat is safely on land with no worries or a dragging anchor or an uncomfortable anchorage to deal with. It’s easy to just nip off the boat and go where ever we want without getting soaked in a dinghy ride. We normally have electricity and water plugged into mains so we can splurge leaving lights on, laptops on and taps running. The obvious nuisances like mosquitoes and having to climb down the ladder and walk across the yard to use the loo are just small annoyances that have to be absorbed. One of the advantages of hauling at this time of year is that it is much cooler than the summer months, well as cool as it can be in the Caribbean anyway. We get into yard mode and the whole boat suddenly becomes a giant work shop. Sim is in his element and happy fixing and repairing things as he can now make a mess which he is not otherwise often allowed to do!

Sim keeping an eye on things
It is always nerve wracking watching your home be lifted on to dry land by what are basically two bits of string. Then shifted on to a large wheeled metal bed where it can be driven into its allocated place. Finally all that stops your humble home from toppling over are a few strategically placed chopsticks poking into the ground. But Alianna seems happy like this and life in the yard begins. This year we don’t have quite the same work load to apply as previous years. We have spent a full hard day sanding almost all the old (Seahawk) antifouling off and new (Jotun) tie coat and anti fouling is to be applied nearer to our launch date. Sim is improving the fridge and will finish adding the cosmetic trims to the bowsprit. The shaft will be pulled and inspected and new shaft packing added..Plus the usual annual maintenance jobs.  We are hauled for 5 weeks which is primarily because we have the wonderful added luxury of staying in a villa with my folks who are out visiting for an extended holiday and my sisters who join shortly. My kind of boatyard experience! Sim is down there most days keeping an eye on things and checking small jobs off list.
The remote travel lift controller
Scarily held up with only metal poles while they remove the truck!

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