Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Colours of Carrriacou

Colourful Hillsborough
 After Sims Birthday shenanigans we kept a keen eye on the weather waiting for some wind (there wasn’t any) to come from the right direction (what wind there was, was from the direction we wanted to go). So we pottered about enjoying the calm and balmy days. We went for a walk to Paradise Beach with Sam and Jon from Imagine. Paradise Beach lives up to its name; a white sand beach arcs in a crescent out into the beautiful, blue waters of the bay with views of Sandy Island and Union Island in the distance. Living on a boat we tend not to be beach dwellers, or sun worshippers. But give us a beach bar or a small restaurant and we are a happy bunch. With our thirst quenched at a colourful bar at one end of the beach we walked the other to sate our hungry appetites. It really is such a beautiful beach and I think again how lucky I am.

Tyrell Bay
 The weather gods gave us a slither of a not so brilliant weather window to sail on up to St Lucia and we decided to take it to make sure we arrived in time to greet my parents. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a bit of a slog but with the help of our engine we made on time and in one piece. Now we are back in our usual spot in Rodney Bay at the north end of the island. We’ve cleared customs and been for an obligatory roti at J’aime de Bois on Pigeon Island. Now we are preparing to haul Alianna next week and get ready for my Parents arrival.

Paradise Beach

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