Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Good Life

Helinconia House, Boguis, St Lucia
With Alianna safely tucked up in a corner of the boat yard we have immersed ourselves fully into landlubber life. We have a car to drive us where ever we want to go; running water and electricity, a freezer with ice and ice cream, a beautiful villa set in two acres of lush tropical garden in a verdant valley, oh and a swimming pool. In the mornings we pick star fruit and mangos from the trees and sit outside on the verandah watching the sun rise up over the valley. The gardener Charlie lives onsite in a shabby little building behind the villa. He has a dog that is permanently chained to his own colourful dog house. The poor little mutt is so skinny and never allowed to roam free. The trees and plants all have name tags on as the small grounds use to attract cruise ship visitors. Lofty Royal Palms sway gently in the cool breeze and humming birds flutter about in and out of the tropical flowers. This place really is a little oasis. Life as a sailor, or a cruiser as those who live on water are collectively known, is a distant memory. We live life with abundance – taps running, lights on. Sadly it is only my lifestyle choice that makes me a conservationist and not my own good nature. I try but it’s easy to give in to the luxuries that being on land has to offer.
The Dog House and Charlies house.
 We hang out at the villa, its cooler up in the hills. So high up that we are level with the clouds. Every now and then Sim and I nip down to the boatyard and spend the day working on the boat then come back for a refreshing swim in the pool and a hot shower. We have driven around the local area, the little car struggling up the hills with four of us in. It’s so pretty. The land is dense and thick with tropical fruit trees and flowers. Every available piece of land is covered in green foliage and flowering plants. Rickety little buildings with flaking paint and corrugated roofs are dotted along the roadside along with more prosperous looking properties raised off the ground and made of concrete – all painted pretty colours. Why don’t they do that in the UK – it’s so up lifting and cheery.

End of the world party
Our friends Sam and Jon on Imagine have family out too and they joined us last Friday for an uneventful end of the world BBQ party here at Heliconia House. We have been up to Rodney Bay for the odd lunch and down to Marigot Bay, the small enclosed natural yacht harbour where Admiral Rodney hid his fleet of British ships from the French by tying palm fronds to the masts to disguise them. And very excitingly we won a Christmas hamper at the supermarket, full of crisps, biscuits and other nibbles enough to last us the entirety of the family vacation!
Marigot Bay, St Lucia
 Today Sim is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  The full works on Christmas day.  We have had Mimosas for breakfast with Mum and Dad on the verandah and opened all our pressies.  We have just had a quick dip in the pool and are waiting for lunch to be served. Once again Life is good.....
So on this festive day we wish all our friends and family near and far


Spinnakers Bar, Rodney Bay Beach
Helinconia House

The pool

Five Finger or Star Fruit

Mango Trees

Calabash Tree


Bauhina or the Tulip Tree

Royal Palms

Heron at Marigot Bay

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