Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to Reality....

The family at Heliconia House
Everyone has gone home now and Sim and I are back in the boatyard. All we have left are the wonderful memories of a Burr family holiday.
Left to right - Ali, Izzy, Jenny,Dad, Mum, Sim and me. Only missing Michael
The entertaining quiz evenings up at Heliconia House where Mum and Dad showed that their depth of knowledge knows no bounds. The wonderful home cooked meals and BBQ’s that each couple took turns in making. The sumptuous meals we ate out. The chilled out days at the beach having great fun belly surfing on the large north swells rolling into the bay and the days out exploring in the car. I think everyone had a fabulous time and it was great just to be able to hang out with my sisters and their partners who I don’t get to see that often. St Lucia is a truly beautiful island. I love its underdeveloped-ness, with the rainforest right down to the roadside. The trees dripping in fruit and flowers and the rickety little brightly coloured Caribbean houses. It is a lush and vibrant country. The only time we felt a little uneasy was when we wanted to visit an off the beaten path waterfall where the locals suggested we only go down there if we have a gun and a body guard! We decided to give this days outing a miss!
Waiting for the waves at Reduit Beach
We are now back on the boat, in the boatyard. Back to our own little reality; of being frugal with water and electricity – those long hot showers a distant memory. Back to peeing in a bucket at night while we are in the boatyard or the long walk across it if we need to do something more! Back to our life of restrictions that in turn offer us so much freedom. We will miss the house and its amazing garden and of course my family. But boatyard work is calling and its time to prepare Alianna to go back in the water.
Heliconia House
Sim et moi!
Ali et moi
A night out at the Ocean Club Bar
Jen and Izzy
Belly surfing!
Sunny daze!
Marigot Bay where Dr Dolittle was filmed
Marigot Bay
Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay
Reduit Beach
Taking a rest at the botanical gardens
Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
The amazing Ginger Lilly
My new home!

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