Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boat Yard Time

Sim and I have worked hard to get Alianna back in the water. Her bottom is anti-fouled, her topsides buffed and polished and a new gold boot stripe added. She is looking pretty smart.
We are absolutely itching to get out of the boatyard. It’s been over seven weeks now since the family flew out and Alianna safely stored. This is the longest we have ever been hauled for. But the novelty of peeing in a bucket at night and the climbing up and down the ladder is wearing thin. The cat is a nuisance – constantly wanting to escape to somewhere she is not allowed to go. The emptying of buckets daily for this and that and battle against the mosquitoes which have not been so bad this year but all you need to hear is one little whine past your ear and a little itch on your arm and you are wide awake and frustration sets in. The decks are filthy from all the dust and dirt flying around. But all in all this has been a good haulout. The people at IGY boatyard are very helpful and if you get the right people knowledgeable. This is a good time of year to haul as the climate is that little bit cooler. The toilets despite being a portacabin are kept clean throughout the day. Island Water World and Johnsons are a 5 min walk away. We did most of our own work but did get the yard to do the spit and polish part and we were pleased with what they did. Everyone is friendly and security seems good. This is the second time we have used this yard and we would come here again. They seem to have no problem with us doing our own work and by and large are no differnt in price then the yards in Grenada. There is a lovely little bar/ restaurant in the yard called Mikes Bar it serves cheap beer and good food at the top end of the being reasonably priced range. Sim loved the steak and kidney pies. Right outside Mikes bar is a floating dock that bridges the gap between the yard and the marina it works by pulling yourself along with the ropes. Pretty neat.
So now we are sitting here waiting (as usual) for them to come and tell us it’s our turn to launch but as with all things Caribbean its been delayed and put back and we are starting to wonder if it will happen at all today…..

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