Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas, Birthday and New Year Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas in style with Mum and Dad up at Helinconia House. Sim took advantage of the huge kitchen and cooked up a storm with all the trimmings. There was so much food we could have fed a small third world country. As it was, none went to waste – this is us we are talking about! Ali and Michael arrived a couple of days later in time for my birthday where we spent the day at a very beautiful beach down at Anse Chastenet, 2/3rds down St Lucia’s west coast. The water is crystal clear and inviting. Although this beach does have moorings its somewhere we have never stopped before as it always looked so rolly. This exclusive hotel dominates the bay and though despite all beaches being public it is made very clear that we should not disturb these top dollar guests!! We swam and snorkeled and had a lovely lunch at the secluded hotel. The grounds are lovely and the beach a dark, sand tropical paradise. I couldn’t have asked for more. The long drive there and back took us through some amazing countryside and landscapes. St Lucia’s coast line and interior certainly are very pretty if you can see the beauty in the ramshackle look – which I do.
Anse Chastenet
The last week has been spent drifting down to the beach at Rodney Bay. Sometimes Sim and I go and work on the boat and leave the others to their relaxation. We went to the Friday night Jump Up at Gros Islet where a street closes down and food and drink stalls open up offering local delicacies. Ali found it pretty gross to find a whole pig snout in her otherwise tasty pork dish!  Michael has gone back home as he was only out for a week. We had a stunning walk on Grand Anse Beach on the east coast where the turtles lay their eggs – though right now it’s out of season. The beach is wild and windswept – a great beach for beach combing and photo opportunities. It’s been one of my favorite days so far.

Grand Anse Beach on the east coast
Tomorrow Jen arrives and we’ll all journey to the south end of the island to meet her. There is less than 2 weeks left of this family holiday. Sim and I are trying not to get distracted by the boat in the yard and will continue the work when everyone leaves.
The Pitons
Anse Chastenet
Anse Chastenet
Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay
Sim goofing at Reduit Beach
Grand Anse Beach
Mum and Dad on Xmas day
Ali and Michael with fresh coconuts from the garden
Mum, Dad, Sim and me at Pigeon Island
Ali is not s impressed with her snout!

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