Thursday, February 21, 2013

Boat Bound In Dominica

Portsmouth anchorage from Blue Bay restaurant
We have been stuck on the boat for the last 3 days with the winds howling in excess of 30kts.  The amount of boats moving about over these last few days has truely surprised us - but some had suffered the consequences, limping in to Portsmouth Bay with tattered sails.  Eventually, feeling fairly confident that our anchor was holding we ventured ashore to stretch our legs.  I love walking down the dusty road, it is so pretty with vibrant flowers and cute little houses.  After being in the more civilized St Lucia for so long it was a welcome change of scene. Little stores, shacks and bars dot the side of the road.  The Bread Shop sells the odd loaf of bread, and the veggies are truely delicious - dominica being such a fertile island.  As long as you like your chicken parts you will always find something meaty to eat from the small supermarkets. The fried smells that drift out of the small cafes and little eating places are enough to tempt anyone out of a diet. But all we really came ashore for was a loaf of bread. We walked back along the black sand beach, keeping up a march to stop our feet from burning on the hot sand. Tomorrow the wind and seas will have died down sufficiently for us to carry on.  

My fruit and veg shop.
The handy thing about Dominica is that you can clear in and out at the same time for up to a two week period so there is no need to traipse back down to the customs offices.  As much as we would like to stay and explore Dominica some more (they have a whole series of hiking trails stretching the length of the island - although I don't think Sims knees are up to it), we need to keep moving up to St Martin and try and get Alianna sold.
Portsmouth's black sand beach
The outside of the bread shop

The well stocked bread shop!

The Lagoon Bar

The High Street

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