Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Fleet Arrives in St Martin

Arriving in St Martin
The day sail we had intend from Dominica to Deshaies in Guadeloupe turned into a night sail all the way up to St Martin. The winds were good and though it was a windward trip it wasn’t uncomfortable. We had an almost full moon all of the way, lighting the night sky. I have never been particularly fond of night sailing. Being left alone in the dark for hours on end with only my own thoughts to entertain me has never really appealed. (What does that say about me?). But over the years I have (almost) come to enjoy these solitary moments. With the full moon and the water moving quickly beneath the keel, it was a trip that I really enjoyed. Which is good, as may be it will be one of the last we have on the good ship Alianna. We arrived in St Martin on Saturday afternoon and anchored under sail – a first for us, as the engine wouldn’t start because of a blocked fuel filter. Sim changed the filter later that afternoon and the engine is now purring (roaring) sweetly again.

Entering the bridge into Simpson Bay Lagoon
I have always said St Martin brings about mixed feelings. Sometimes I find it too much and long for the slower pace that some of the other islands offer. It is a hugely international and cosmopolitan island; with the split French/Dutch nationalities and the massive North American influence. It is a good time island where anything goes. You can see why it is full of so many ex pats. It has some of the most stunning beaches. Being anchored in the Simpson Bay lagoon, there is no suffering from the nasty roll that the outside bays offer. It’s a fast and busy place. And I am actually looking forward to spending some time here this time around. This is a good thing, as we may be here for some time trying to sell Alianna

Sunset in the Lagoon
We would like to announce that we are now the proud owners of a new boat. Yikes, even a fleet of boats as we have not sold Alianna. Scary stuff. We are now really pushing for Alianna to be sold. She has been a wondering home for nearly the last nine years; the longest place I have ever lived other than my family home. She has taken me to wonderful places but more than anything she has kept me safe and been my place of sanctuary. It’s going to take a while to find this familiarity on the new boat but I don’t doubt it will come. I hope that she can give these same things to new owners and look after them like she has looked after us.

So without further ado….introducing Wandering Star – A 44ft custom design steel hulled boat.


  1. Hey, congratulations, kids .... we're heading your way in a week or so, so hope to say hi and take a varda at your new home. You must be sooooo excited!

    Karen & Dick

  2. Hi guys look forward to seeing you when you get here.
    Rosie and Sim

  3. ......And will you rename the new home "Aliana" in order to keep the blog and the other electronically attached names going or will we be updating our favourites files and address books?

    1. When we get a chance and good enough internet I might try to change - we'll keep you posted.