Thursday, March 21, 2013

Busy Daze

Wandering Star in Simpson Bay Lagoon, SXM
Sim and I have kept up a steady pace of work over the last couple of weeks. We kept the two boats rafted together until last Saturday to make the whole moving process a lot simpler. We are still absolutely astounded at how much stuff we have been able to carry around on Alianna and how little space Wandering Star has to offer. But it has been a cathartic process in the purging of all our unnecessary (and necessary) items – a process that is surely good for us. I mean, is it truly necessary to carry around enough pieces of wood to start a carpentry business or enough spares to fix a fleet of boats. We carried enough paper charts to navigate the Med, N America, the north coast of South America and the East and West Caribbean and discovered all sorts of pieces we never knew we had. As a couple we are hopeless at being minimalists despite our love of the simple life.

Saturday morning monthly boat jumble
So we lugged our unwanted goods along to the flea markets and advertised on the local radio net, we gave stuff away and chucked bag after bag into the skips. We are still packed to the brim on Wandering Star and still have stuff to stow away. But Alianna is looking great without all the clutter.
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In the mean time we have been catching up with friends old and new – meeting for dinner on people’s boats or drinks ashore at the popular cruisers hangout “Barnacles”. We haven’t had time to go exploring or for walks on the stunning Simpson Bay beach but hopefully we can start to relax over the next few weeks and take things at a slower pace. It’s not like me to not want to go ashore and stretch my legs but days fly by with all the sorting and before I know it almost a week has gone without my feet touching terra firma.

Simpson Bay Beach
On a quiet afternoon

Capt'n Ali

Keeping watch

Well almost!

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