Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Boat = New Blog

I have been wondering what I should do about "The Adventures of Alianna" blog, as I can't very well keep using that name now that we have moved on to "Wandering Star" and soon Alianna will be home to a new lot of happy cruisers.  So after a little bit of thinking and research I have decided to start a new blog entirely.  With that said I guess that this is a final goodbye to "The Adventures of Alianna" and an introduction to my new blog.... www.yachtwanderingstar.com

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Wandering Star

So fair well Alianna, you have been a happy home and we wish you and your new owners as many happy adventures as we have had with you.


Monday, April 1, 2013

The "To Do" List

Wandering Star

We have been on Wandering Star nearly a month now. Settling in nicely and arranging all our belongings. Now it’s time to get stuck into a jobs list before we can think about putting to sea. Some jobs are insurance requirements, others safety and others for comfort or been bought forward as we have guests in the form of my parents arriving next week.

Davit Wire – The lifting wire on the davit has been replaced as requested by the insurance company.
Replace davit wire
Wind Instrument Cable – The cable from the mast to the instruments in the cockpit needs to be re run as there was a fault in the wire and nothing was being displayed. The reading also needs to be recalibrated.

Repair Forward Toilet and Sink - The electric pump out needed overhauling and was leaking (not good on a steel boat) and the holding tank that the waste must pass through had a large crack in it (also not good!) Sim has spent the last week, over hauling, repairing and putting in new tanks so all should be in working order. The heads sink was also leaking and needed its drain replacing. None of these jobs were complicated just laborious and time consuming.
Replacing holding tank
Side Ports – All the side opening ports are sealed shut. In most of the boat this is not a massive problem to deal with imminently but in the aft cabin where we can only open the main window a few inches because of the dinghy on deck it gets incredibly hot – it’s not like a forward cabin where a gale blows in. Sim and I have been sweltering at night. So we have taken one of the ports off in order to replace the seal – not a massive job one thinks….ahem! Famous last words. The window is painted aluminum and the paint is blistering and coming off – best to take it all off. A job that started 3 days ago and is still a work in progress. What kind of wallys get involved in painted metal boats?

Repainting window and eplaceing window seal
Aft Cabin Mattress – Our aft cabin mattress though very comfortable is falling to pieces and depositing huge amounts of disintegrated old foam about the place. It makes such a mess. We have investigated a new one, are a little shocked at the price but can get in done in 24 hours. So may go ahead with that. Or wait until Grenada and do it there.

Brackets for Outboard and Gas Bottle – We have a 2.5 outboard and a 20lb gas bottle just lying (chained and padlocked) on deck. They need proper brackets to be secured for when we go to sea.
Adding brackets for outboard
Chaff gear for dinghy – It’s a tight squeeze to fit the dinghy fore and aft between the back stay and the wind generator pole; it does fit but we need to add chaff gear to protect the dinghy from deteriorating rapidly.
Tight fit for the dinghy
There are squillions of other big and little jobs and modifications that we want make to Wandering Star not to mention getting started on all the blistering painted aluminium and tackling the first of the rusty spots that are making their appearance. The lens of the nav lights need replacing, the inner stay furling gear needs over hauling, the wind generator isn't working.  The list goes on and on.

I don’t think you really appreciate how long it takes to get settled on a boat until you start all over again. I’m not familiar with any of the machinery and electronics. These are all new systems that we need to learn. We need to trace all the plumbing and wiring systems and find out what goes where. When the wind starts to pick up and I’m on my own I get a little jumpy…..will the anchor hold, will I start the engine correctly, will the electric (joy of joys) windless work? Because so far I have only done each of these items once instead of hundreds of times. I remember once an old man that lived in an apartment above a new flat that I just moved into, dropped a note through my door saying ‘it takes time to make new friends’. At the time I thought he was crazy. But it’s a phrase that I have thought about many times. He was telling me it’s going to take a while to build trust whether that is in people or boats or anything I guess it doesn’t really matter. Wandering Star is doing really well but it will be a while before she fully earns my trust.