About Alianna

 "Alianna" means beautiful in Irish or noble and gracious in Latin. We did not name "Alianna" instead choosing to keep the name that the owner before us chose. Alianna has had two previous owners. The original owner named her "Agate" the top sides were beige with a brown strip around the top. Luckily (or not so lucky as Sim seriously dislikes that our topsides are painted) the next owner painted her green. Which I quite like. We stand out from the rest of the crowd (except in the dark!). Because we are a cored hull the dark colour doesn't overly increase the tempreture below decks and of course any boat is going to suffer in these caribbean climates.

Alianna, a Corbin 39 is a heavily made boat.  She is strong and strudy.  She was built to be a 'blue water cruiser' by Marius Corbin in Canada.  We couldn't ask for more from our lovely little boat, except maybe another cabin as we only have the one. She is a good sailing boat especially in stronger winds, though in light winds and with the cruising chute up we can keep up a good pace.

Alianna looking good.

Saloon looking aft past galley.

Pilot House.

Pilot berth.

Comfy Cockpit.